Northcote District by-election

A by-election for Northcote District will be held on Saturday 18 November 2017. This will be an attendance election.

Issue of the writ Thursday 21 September
Nominations open Friday 22 September
Close of roll (enrolment deadline) 8.00 pm Thursday 28 September
Close of nominations (party candidates) 12 noon Wednesday 18 October
Close of nominations (non-party candidates) 12 noon Thursday 19 October
Early voting period Friday 20 October – 6.00 pm Friday 17 November
Registration of how-to-vote-cards period Friday 20 October – 12 noon Friday 10 November
Last chance to apply for a postal vote 6.00 pm Thursday 16 November
Election day 8.00 am – 6.00 pm Saturday 18 November
Results From 6.00 pm Saturday 18 November

Are you enrolled?

Enrolment for the 2017 Northcote District by-election closed at 8.00 pm on Thursday 28 September.

Voting options

This is an attendance election. For information about voting on election day, voting early, voting via post or for other voting details please see the voting options for this by-election.


Nominations for this by-election closed at 12 noon on Thursday 19 October.

Candidates for this by-election are strongly encouraged to read the Candidate Handbook:

How-to-vote cards

Any how-to-vote cards handed out within 400 metres of a voting centre on election day must be registered with the VEC. They are the only form of printed electoral material that may be distributed at voting centres on election day.

How-to-vote cards carried by election officials at mobile voting centres must also be registered.

How-to-vote cards distributed at early voting centres are not required to be registered.

How-to-vote cards for this by-election will be available on this website as they are registered.

How-to-vote cards can be inspected during business hours at the VEC, Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne.


The scrutineer’s role is to observe the issuing of ballot papers, and the scrutiny and counting of votes on behalf of a candidate. Scrutineers are engaged by the candidate and their appointment must be made in writing through completion of an Appointment of Scrutineer form.

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