Voting options - Northcote District by-election

A number of voting options are available for the 2017 Northcote District by-election.

An EasyVote Letter has been sent to every household in the Northcote District for this by-election. This letter includes the location and operating hours of every voting centre. Information about other voting options is also included.

Voting in person

Election day

All election day voting centres in Northcote District will be open between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm on election day, Saturday 18 November at the following locations:

You can download a map showing all voting locations (PNG, 41kB)

Early voting

If you are unable to attend a voting centre on election day, you can vote at an early voting centre. To vote early, you will have to declare that you are unable to attend a voting centre on election day during voting hours. Early voting centres are now open 8.30 am to 6.00 pm weekdays until Friday 17 November. Early voting hours are extended for the following days:

  • 9.00 am – 2.00 pm Saturday 11 November
  • 8.30 am – 8.00 pm Thursday 16 November

Early voting centres are located at:

Location Accessibility rating Features
116 Station Street, Fairfield AWA Accessible parking may be restrictive.
Ramp access to the building entrance may restrict independent wheelchair access.
Factory 2, 130-138 Link Road (Enter Via Reid Way), Melbourne Airport IWA  
Level 11, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne AWA Parking may be difficult.
Path of travel from car park may be difficult.

IWA – Independent wheelchair access

AWA – Assisted wheelchair access

LNWA – Limited or no wheelchair access

Postal voting

If you will be unable to attend a voting centre on election day or vote at an early voting centre, you can complete, download and print a postal vote application online, or collect a postal vote application from any post office in Northcote District or from the election office: Factory 2, 130-138 Link Road (Enter Via Reid Way), Melbourne Airport.

If you are already registered as a General Postal Voter you do not need to apply for a postal vote for this by-election. Your ballot paper will be sent to you after the close of nominations on 19 October.

Voting overseas or interstate

Overseas and interstate early voting centres will be open during local business hours between Friday 20 October and Friday 17 November.

Please note that interstate and overseas voting locations will only be operating during local business hours and voting is NOT available at any of these locations on election day, Saturday 18 November.

You can also complete, download and print a postal vote application online:

Mobile voting

Mobile voting teams visit hospitals, nursing homes and aged care facilities within Northcote District prior to election day. Please check with your facility to confirm they have registered for this service and for the date and time of this visit.

What if I didn’t enrol?

If you are enrolled in Northcote District but have moved house and did not update your enrolment before the roll closed (8.00 pm on Thursday 28 September), you will need to vote for your previous address, even if you now live outside of Northcote District.

If you are enrolled in another district but have moved into Northcote District without updating your enrolment, you cannot vote in this by-election.

If you live in Northcote District and you are not currently on the roll, you can enrol and vote in this by-election by attending any early or election day voting centre and completing a provisional vote.

Please note:

It may take longer to enrol at a voting centre, so please allow extra time. To enrol at a voting centre you must provide proof of identification. This must be either:

  • a drivers licence or learner permit
  • a council rates notice in your name
  • an electricity bill in your name for your current home address or
  • a current Victorian identification, such as a Proof of Age card.
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